Welcome to Shining Through the Shadows!

Here is a little bit about what I do.

The role of a coach and client is as peers. I am not a therapist here to tell you what to do or diagnose you. I am here to help facilitate you in reaching your goals! I have taken you on as a client because I believe in you and I want to help you build the life you dream of. In your coaching sessions you choose what we focus on, what we work through and how we shift old patterns. You know you better than anyone; you know what is true for you. I will never assume that I know better, I will only ask you questions to challenge you and help you stretch what you thought were your limits.
In our relationship I expect us both to show up fully prepared, present and committed to each session. I expect us both to be open and honest, sharing what is true for us. I expect you to tell me when I am off base just as I will tell you when I think I am seeing a pattern.
I am invested in you! I am here to help you achieve your goals and transform your life. We can do this together by being fully committed and trusting in the process that we will be in together.

I’m here for YOU – Our relationship is a top priority for me. I ask that you use me as the resource I am. I pledge to give you my full attention. I will offer you my wisdom and honest, insightful feedback. I will always offer my unique perspective of your situation and helpful actions you could take to move forward. I will use my intuition to help me ask revealing questions and give you supportive reflection of who you are. I will validate your thoughts and feelings and give you space for you to step into your fullness.

I ask you to commit to yourself even when it might be hard. Stretch, grow, dare to show up in a more authentic way than you ever have before. Honor yourself, your truth, your emotions your heart. Be gentle with yourself and allow yourself to have the process that is right for you. Show up in your fullness to maximize the benefits of our working to transform your beliefs if they do NOT serve you anymore! Know that within you is everything you need to become who you are meant to be. 

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