I Get To!

As I build my coaching business and more people hear about me I seem to be having the same conversation over and over.  I have found that I love having this conversation!  I love talking about what I can do for my clients.  I love seeing my clients have breakthroughs that transform their lives!  So I decided to dedicate this blog to just that, what I Do.

I collaborate with my clients to transform their lives!

To me this is so exciting.  I get to go on the journey with people and we dive deep, look at all the icky underbelly of behaviors, clean away the goop and swim back up to the surface and shine as bright as the sun.  WHAT COULD BE BETTER?  I get to work with amazing people so they can become all of their fabulous selves.  Really I am sitting here with a huge smile on my face because I feel so blessed to be able to do this.

Through my life I have had some struggles and I have a health issue that affects my life and there is nothing that I can do to change it.  This is my life; this is the only life I have and I GET TO live it! I look at most things from this perspective of ‘I get to.’   No matter what is going on, I know if I choose to, I can find something amazing and wonderful to get out of a situation.

One of the things I’m great at helping my clients with is transforming perspective. In my personal life, I focus on gratitude and positivity.  This focus changes my perspective and gives me the ability to help other people to see things as “my cup runneth over,” instead of limiting it to “half full” or even “half empty”.  Some of the tools I use for this are simple things like recognizing hidden gifts in difficult lessons, recognizing positive aspects in negative situations and finding the personal power to change things.

I am a strong believer in looking into the shadows, those parts of ourselves that we deny and/or hide, in order to find where our blocks and issues come from.  There are some people who only look at the positive and think it is the best way to get through things.  For me, however, I find that in order to truly overcome things in my life I need to look at the root of the problem.  It is there, at the root, from which everything else grows.  In the darkness is where I find my behaviors, attitudes and beliefs that keep me stuck.  If I only look in the light I will not find the source of my problems so I will not be able to fix them.

In my personal life, I repeatedly ask myself ‘where does that come from, and where does that come from and where does that come from….’  I follow the rabbit down the rabbit hole.  I examine the self-talk that keeps me limited and in my own way.  Through examining these messages I ask myself what these messages say about me, where they originated from and then I ask myself if they are true.  Let me tell you, there are times when I find things that are true and are not so flattering.  Then, I GET TO change behaviors.  I get to take this new information I have about myself and find out what needs to happen with it in order to get better results.  I do this work myself and because of that I get to use the same template with my clients so they can do the same thing.

Another thing I love to do with my clients is…CELEBRATE!!!!!!  I like to start coaching calls with some celebration.  I want to hear about the things that my clients want to celebrate about themselves.  I think we sometimes look at saying wonderful things about ourselves as boastful or conceited.  Personally, I don’t think it is conceited to acknowledge your strengths and achievements.  When a business takes an inventory they look at their assets and liabilities.  If we take an inventory of ourselves, why do we only look at the negative and not the positive?  When we do that we are not getting a full picture of who we are, so, YES!  Celebrate yourself!  See all the things that you are amazing at.  Acknowledge your strengths and all the ways you excel.  Remember that even when you have a small success it is a success nonetheless.  You are growing, becoming, living and as long as you wake up breathing you GET TO continue to succeed.

This is what I do.  I look on the bright side, I look at the dark side and I celebrate.  In the movie Hook, one of the characters says, “That was a great game.”  No matter what is going on, when I go to bed knowing the day “was a great game,” I go to bed happy.   I hope that through reading this you may have found some little nuggets of gold that will help you in some area of your life.  I hope you have learned a little about yourself and a little about me.

Please feel free to comment below and ask any questions or leave any remarks.

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