How the ocean tames my fire.

I live in an ocean community. Over the years I have considered moving to a different region where many of the people that I love live.  But…there is no ocean there.  I have grown up with and some of my fondest memories include the ocean: the sand, the smells, its power and playfulness.  Despite my desire to be closer to my community I know that my spirit needs the ocean to stay balanced.  The ocean tames my fire and I don’t know where I would be without it.

So often, my metaphors and lessons come from the ocean because it is home.

When I need to let go of something, the ocean is there to receive.  Sometimes it is as simple as writing a word in the sand and watching the waves wash it away.  Other times I give myself over to the ocean and float on the waves as they wash and crash over me.  Letting go to the power of the ocean liberates me from having any control over what is happening.  I release my body and mind as the waves pull me and pull away anything that I no longer want to carry.  The waves also remind me there is a power greater than me and when I let go and surrender it is then that I can dance with the power of the universe.

Frequently the dance is playful, where I am jumping over the waves, letting the waves jump over me or body surfing my way back to shore.  I can dive into the depths and find hidden creatures, snails, crabs and fish.  I love letting go of adulthood to frolic in this sacred playground.  Discovering joy in this place gives me the opportunity to be present to what is there in front of me only.  There is nothing else there; except sometimes a few hundred other people doing something similar.

Some of my favorite times are when the ocean is still.  This doesn’t happen too often but when it does it is a gift.  Submersing myself in the water, letting it surround me and being fully connected to it, I find I am connected to everything.  We are all mostly water; we all need water to survive; our food grows from water; the sun evaporates the water into the air to then have it rain down and wash the earth.  There is a cycle here and a connection to our wellbeing.  There is a connection here from me to you to our ancestors to our future.  There is a connection here to me, a place where I find balance and calm a center within myself.

There is so much the ocean heals for me.  There is so much wisdom I gain there.  This makes me wonder: where do you feel at home? Where do you find your wisdom? Where do you feel connected?  I would love to know.

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