“Do or Do Not. There is no try!” : Celebrating Failure in order to DO.

Celebrating failure

Wait…what?  Celebrate failure!?

YES!  Celebrate failure.  So often we look at things through such a limited lens we can’t see the treasure trove of gifts that are surrounding us.  There was a time when this limited lens was the only one I had and the thought of looking at things in a different way was foreign and not even in my realm of possibilities.  I was so goal oriented that if the goal was not met there was only one way to see it…. I FAILED!  I did not meet my goal etc.

Eventually I started to realize that through my failures I learned so much.  Frequently there was one or 2 things that would be at the top of the list about why I FAILED.  Something forgotten, something overlooked, rushing through something, not paying attention to details, undeveloped skills, insufficient commitment, the reasons why can go on and on.  Whatever the reason was, I started to recognize that I had the option to continue to work towards my goal and when I was able to recognize why I did not succeed I could change how I approached the situation to get different results.  When I was willing to look at why I failed and persevere, I learned so much about how to improve my performance and I learned so much about myself and how I approached things and how I could improve in all of those areas.

So yes.  CELEBRATE YOUR FAILURES!  When you fail ask yourself what you can do better, how can you improve, what do you need to change?  Look at the plethora of things that you have learned through the process.  Acknowledge what new skills you may have gained by getting up.  Take the chance and make an effort take the opportunity to practice perseverance and commitment to the task.  Don’t allow failure to be the final outcome.  When you make the commitment to yourself to achieve your goal and you continually strive for that goal there is nothing that can stop you!

2 thoughts on ““Do or Do Not. There is no try!” : Celebrating Failure in order to DO.

  1. 8u Travel says:

    Couldn’t agree more. As coach of an eight-year-olds baseball team, I find the failures (i.e., mental mistakes) the best teaching points, even when the kid has a successful outcome despite the mental mistake. If we can’t accept and learn from our mistakes, we’re doomed to repeat them.

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