Finding Balance

The holiday season has passed.  Hopefully you had a wonderful time with friends and family.  For so many of us the holidays can also come with stress and difficulty.  Whether this time has been wonderful or difficult, maybe even a little of both, a new year has begun.  This is a great time to let go of what doesn’t serve you and reach for new goals.  It is time to re-balance your life to come back to the center of who you are.

Last year I wrote a blog about what steps you can take to resolve to change your life instead of just making a New Year’s resolution.  This year I want to write about the resolve to return to yourself.  With so much going on in the world it is easy to become off center and live from a place that doesn’t reflect where your heart lives.  Introspection, self-care, and acting from the place of your highest self is the way to return to your center.

First is introspection because it can be hard to know what you need for self-care or what your best self is if you haven’t looked inside to know what your personal truth is.  Look inside.  What things are important to you?  What things do you love?  What values to you hold?  What is sacred to you?  What changes do you want to make?  What things do you want to stay the same?  Sometimes we can be so busy in life we don’t notice that we are living a life that is not reflective of who we are.  Do you know the answers to the above questions?  At one point in your life you may have defined the answers to these questions for yourself, it is important to remember that the answers can change.  These things are not set in stone.1397097868219

Taking care of yourself is always a good idea and after the holiday season where we can spend so much time taking care of others, it is a great time to re-establish self-care.  Ask yourself what it is that you need right now.  In my last blog, I talked about the 5 love languages, this is a great time to figure out your love language and practice loving yourself.  If you receive love through touch, maybe you could get a massage.  If it is through words of affirmation maybe having a great conversation would be useful.  I find it very beneficial to stop and ask myself, what is it that I want right now?  What do I want to do to make ME happy?  Then I follow though and do it.  Even if it is for only 15 minutes, that time can have ripple effects through the rest of your day.

Acting from a place of your highest self is the outward expression of the internal work you have done on yourself.  In life, we have a choice between acting out of the place of our highest self (which I believe is a place of love) or acting from a place of fear (which I believe can manifest as avoidance).  To act from the place of our highest self means that we integrate or values, beliefs and loves and we show up in the world in that way.  This can sometimes be challenging, there is no space for playing small, avoiding or coming from fear.  This takes courage and I think you have that courage within you.

Through introspection, self-care, and your highest self you can find balance.  Living in in balance makes all areas of life easier.  From this place, you support yourself and when supporting yourself there is a sense of support from the universe.  It can be truly astounding when you make the decision to follow through with these things.  Finally, you have the ability to live passionately from the core of who you are.  There may be times where you do not practice this perfectly and this is where you have the opportunity to begin again with more information about works for you!  If you need help following through with this let me know.  Sometimes we all need someone to work with to make this easier.

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