“Having known Kendra Noonan Hughes now near 19 years, I can attest to the beauty, passion and quality in which she has consistently and diligently dived into the depths, embracing ALL that she is and ALL that others are! Swimming deep and strong , without fear to inhibit her. Kendra is willing to go the distance and she comes to the surface with the most precious insights , warmth and unconditional LOVE that I highly recommend Shining Through the Shadows! Sign up today for her coaching program! Your soul will grow with hers as you journey together! Expect transformation and healing!”

                                                                                  Sarah Gagne Wheeler

“Every time I hang up the phone with Kendra, I am ready to take on the world. Kendra has a beautiful spirit and a very special gift of holding space for others to instantly feel comfortable with vulnerability. She sees deep beneath the surface and shines back to you what you most need to hear to heal your way into the light. I highly recommend speaking with Kendra if you are ready to bust through your blocks and step fully into your authentic self. I am honored to know her and extremely fortunate to work with her.”

                                                                                    Patsy Culp

“Working with Kendra has been both an eye-opening and heart opening experience. Kendra has a loving and no-nonsense clarity of communication that has helped me identify my patterns of self-bullying and develop workable practices to be more compassionate with myself. Through working with Kendra as a coach I have given myself permission to be as big and as bold as my spirit calls me to be. Kendra believes in me even when I don’t and challenges me to be my best self always.I am so excited to see where else I can go with my new confidence!”

                                                                                      Natalie H.

I feel extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to work one-on-one with Kendra.  Her style of coaching is unique in that she doesn’t stop with one or two questions; she keeps digging until she reaches that space within you where your energy blocks lie.  Working with Kendra allowed me to see how my self-sabotaging behaviors were blocking my inner light and the life I want to create.  From here I was inspired to commit to a 1,000 day meditation challenge, read a book to educate myself on weight lifting and a diet for muscle growth, and to not dim my light around others who challenge me.  Our sessions were invaluable and I recommend her to anyone who is ready for a shift!

Ro F.

Kendra is a powerful coach who creates a safe container to do deep work. She meets you where you are and then takes you down deeper into the murk, leading to clarity and expansion on the other side.

Leah Shapiro of http://www.leahshapiro.com

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